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Existence evaded this non-being

Then an intercourse happened

The being came into existence

Became a Zygote

Became a foetus

Then came birth

This is the first day of existence on earth also known as birth date

At first it was all innocence

Then transformed to curiosity

Then became inquisitive

Then maturity came at its early stage

Education from the institution followed

Naturally without learning was inducted into the school of life

Bitter and sweet lessons were taught

We went through thick and‎​ thin

Easy and difficult home works were given

Chances were given

We either lose or win

Opportunities were handed over and taken away accordingly

Maturity developed in a more complicated manner

Life was seen differently

Life became a triangle

Life was affected by harsh consequences

Fear of judgment, acceptance and survival became a daily struggle of life

Reinvention is a difficult task

Hope becomes a thread to hold on to

Hope becomes something kept handy for times it is needed

Last phase draws near

Maturity is no longer complicated

Fate is just accepted

Hard work is justified

Struggle is repaid

Non-existence has happened again

The dirt on the ground swallows this being

You once stood on the dirt and now it is over you

Life is a circle
The cycle of life continues and you are reborn

You wonder what I write about

You think I’m bewildered

I’m referring to your rebirth in whatever way

The Rebirth.

Lekan Omodunbi Daniels

Posted March 8, 2012 by Lekan Daniels in My thoughts

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