My First Love   1 comment

I remembered running into her arms when i was being threatened by a group of boys in school

She received me in her arms, embraced me and ‎​ patted me on the head.

i remembered when i was 5years old during one of her trips outside the country, she got me what we all know as “to-match” designer jacket and‎​ shoes, yeah i saw a picture and‎​ how i beamed with smile in it.

Pleasant memories i won’t forget in a jiffy. Across the world today, we celebrate mothers, but i celebrate mine every day. i keep wondering why we don’t attach much importance to our fathers. Well the father is equally important because if it wasn’t for his X or Y chromosomes, i wouldn’t be a man today thanks to his Y-chromosomes. So let’s celebrate them as well.

My mother, the mother of kings and‎​ queens, a woman who carried and‎​ bore pains for me for 9months

She made sure i was well fed, i vomited on her even when i was over fed but with tender touch she wipes it off

As a baby when i release the odious bomb, she looks at me and‎​ smile and‎​ i smile back even though i didn’t know what i did. Not anymore now! She won’t hesitate to remind me of “Oroki herbal mixture”

She stayed awake and‎​ watched me in my cot all night she probably was scared of a cot death.

She became my early source of inspiration, her words gave me direction in the most bewildered state.

She raised me to be an understanding and‎​ caring man.

She would stay awake all night, on her knees and‎​ pray for me. She would call me up every morning just to pray with me.

You stayed with me through thick and‎​ thin,and‎​ you taught me how to remain strong in the face of adversity

In many words and‎​ sentences, i can’t describe the joy in me while i wrote this piece. You are a woman of inestimable worth and‎​ i appreciate you my mother. Thank you so much for being there.

i dedicate this blog post to my mother, and‎​ to all mothers across the world, Am i forgetting something…no i won’t…yes and‎​ to all ladies i have met at some point in life who will become a mother.

i should stop here for now as i am literally shedding tears of joy. Love you all.

HappƔ‎​‎​ Mother’s day!!!

Lekan Omodunbi Daniels is a Customer Care Consultant and an aspiring Human Resources Professional

Posted March 18, 2012 by Lekan Daniels in My thoughts

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  1. Sweet!

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