Persistence, a great expedient for successful living!   6 comments

Many years ago, while at the college, I had to take a course, FIS 309. FISHING IN THE STORM 309 as we jokingly tagged the course. For the first time in my four years at the college, I had a D. I got back to my room that fateful day, and‎​ i whimpered for a long time. It dawned on me that my wailing wouldn’t suffice for what had happened. Fortunately, in the last semester in school, with strong determination and‎​ with God’s grace i emerged…..I also remember during my National Youth Service year, I had this great idea to sell a particular drink in the north, my first sales was nothing impressing. I used to record huge debt but I kept on persistently, not deterred. A lot of obstacles, discouragement from people
who didn’t believe i could make it…

Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm~ Winston Churchill

Many great people with great ideas today have once had to fail. Not once! Not twice but as many as 99 times. You know their secret! They were persistent, they never gave up trying and they were not quitters!!! They failed 99 times but stood up stronger 99*99 times. The questions are; what is your view about failure and what is your response to failure?
“Failure is only an opportunity to begin again more intelligently”.~ Henry Ford

~I have observed that the difference between an achieving person and a mediocre is their perception and response to failure. ~

~An achieving person sees failure as a LESSON that has to be learnt to move forward to the next level. A mediocre sees failure as a stumbling block.~

So how would you have responded to failing FIS 309 in my case?

How would you have felt after losing that huge contract you have seriously pursued?

How would you have reacted to that great idea you had, but didn’t work out as planned?

What would you do if the woman you have pursued for 2years eventually says a big NO!

Would you have just said what do I stand to lose? Would you have allowed that great idea to fade away? What would you do when you fail?

When failure comes you might get in a fuss which is not a plus. Failure will always remain a minus if you fail to launch back after you fail. Your determination force is what calms the storm. The calmness after the storm in no way reflects any struggle for with the calmness come victory, happiness and success. Storms are hard to fight but if you win, you find light.

Remain persistent and‎​ be successful

Have an Excellent day!

Lekan Omodunbi Daniels is a Customer Care Consultant and an aspiring Human Resources Professional

Posted March 22, 2012 by Lekan Daniels in Motivation

6 responses to “Persistence, a great expedient for successful living!

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  2. You are right! I’ve got a similar experience too as you may know. I refuse to be give up. Consistency, hard work and God has placed me where i am today. Although am still not who i dream to be, I know am getting there.
    nice article……….. kip it up

  3. I love the “receiving a NO after pursuing a woman for two years” part. lol! Nice piece

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  5. Everyone has a story…but it’s good to make your own an happy ending no matter the story.

    David Arogundade
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