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By Temitayo Ilori


IF the sky is still there tomorrow
It’s because I will be a great man

If the sun will still rise and set tomorrow
It’s just because I will be great

The breeze, if it will still blow
It’s because my place in life is greatness

When people smile at me
It’s because I will be great tomorrow

When they frown at me
It’s because I will be great

When they love me
It’s not for anything
But because I will be great tomorrow

If they hate me
It’s because I will be great tomorrow

If they deny me
It because I am a great man

When they accept me
It’s because I am going to be great

When they offer to help me
It’s because they know I will be great tomorrow

When they don’t help me
It’s because they are jealous of my greatness
That comes tomorrow

I have been a winner
Since I fought zillions of sperms
In the ocean of Semen
I can’t give it all up now
I am an emblem of greatness

When they discipline me
It’s because they want me to be great
Because a crude and undisciplined mind
Does not worth the crown

When they refuse to discipline me
It’s because my future is not clear to them
Because if it was clear to them
They would have disciplined me in love today

If I fail today
It’s because I will have a story to tell
When I become great tomorrow

If I fall
I will surely stand up
To run the race of greatness

As long as the sun sets in the west in the evening
That is a reassuring dream and hope
For my will-never-be-hindered greatness

If I am born poor
Through that same lineage
The great men have come in the time past
It’s a significance of my own greatness too

If a problem threatens my world
And makes my soul quiver
It’s because I will be famous
If I ever have the undeterred courage
And wisdom to solve it

If I face the sea
And there is no way through it or around it
I will make a ship to sail on it

If I am born without a silver spoon in my mouth today
Or that I am walking the street with tatters today
The world will call me a tramp I know
But tomorrow will judge
When they will buy my autobiography with millions
Because in the tramp of today is sown a great man
That will germinate tomorrow

I am a great man
Let the world hear that
I am a great man

I will never be intimidated by life
But I will let my daring courage
Be a motivation and inspiration
To my generation and those still coming

I will pitch my head against the World
I dare to escape its trap that turns a born WINNER
To a living NOBODY
I dare to be different
I dare to join the institution of the few called “Greatness”

If I am letdown by many and helped by few
It’s because my achievements as a great man
Will be admired by many tomorrow
The many who let me down today

The world does not know who I am
Now let me declare who I am
I am the world’s greatest

This is has been the biography of great men
And it is still our biography
I mean those who will be great tomorrow.

TyloR is the Governor and The Lead Managing Consultant @ DeliveR Consulting Ltd.

Temitayo Ilori

Temitayo Ilori

Lekan Omodunbi Daniels is a Customer Care Consultant and an aspiring Human Resources Professional

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