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Springboard to Success

A gymnast in an Olympic will most likely have a fatal fall if he jumps from a wrong position from his springboard.

I liken the word “Springboard” here to your foundation. Many of us grew from an impeccable and‎​ well laid foundation while some grew from faulty foundation.

You’d agree with me that as we grow certain factors, socio, environmental, beliefs etc influence our foundation either positively or negatively thereby determining the height of success you will attain.

“If the foundation be destroyed what can the people do….”

••|Never pitch your TENT of Dreams with people who would collapse your foundation|••

You have the will power to stand well on your springboard and‎​ also determine how far you want to go.

i hope you understand, please share someone needs to stand up to succeed

Posted April 12, 2012 by Lekan Daniels in Motivation

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