Today’s SWAGGER can be Tomorrow’s STAGGER!!!   11 comments

Today’s SWAGGER can be Tomorrow’s STAGGER

Just another deep reflection I had this morning as I rolled from one corner of my bed to the other – an indolent life you would say ‘​lol’, but man must rest well.

Tobi, a consultant who works in one of the big investment companies in Abuja met Shalewa, a pretty dark lady and‎ a junior colleague who just joined the company. Two weeks after they met and became friends, Tobi could not help savoring the fantasies of what it would feel like to go on a date with the new lady, and ‎ ​how he would possibly lay her on his massive bed. Shalewa, a pretentiously pristine-minded and  gorgeous lady had fallen head over heel for Tobi, a high profile dude who has countless virile seductive skills and a strong romantic pull for any brand of woman he fancies has never for a moment relented in experimenting at will. Tobi, as record has it, has an indulgent liking for hot babes, which earned him his name, ‘the Maitama gigolo’.

A year ago, Fred had met Shalewa at a wedding, and ‎ they had since been friends. Fred had a genuine and‎​ an unaltered love for her but all his efforts to show her how much he cared about her proved abortive. Shalewa heart was glued to Tobi as a Siamese twin to the other. Just as the axiom says, ‘The only permanent thing in life is change!’ As the years rolled by and seasons radically began to define and allot new status, Shalewa’s high profile dude, Tobi, lost everything and ‎ Fred became a Minister of State. But sadly, Shalewa was not part of this success story, as she has narrowed her heart for a man whose desire for her from the outset was lustful and vain.

I marvel at the manner some ladies give some young promising men sharp rebuff upon making advances at them. Some ladies will even apply the ‘Chop my Money’ principle and‎ tell off the nice guy at the end. While some would keep the guy waiting and‎ in the long run tell ‘Mr Nice Guy’ off. What an awkward world! I will be objective as much as possible as I drive home my point.

Some ladies have plausible reasons for rejecting guys: he smokes, he is arrogant, he is ugly, he doesn’t have a good job, his nose is big, he is short, he is too dark…etc. Whatever your reasons are, if you have to choose, then you better be choosing right. A lady I know once asked a friend of mine who told her how much he cared, ‘What makes you feel that your so-called dreams and‎ aspirations give you the audacity to ask me out?’ My jaw dropped! But don’t be surprised because such things happen.

If for the sake of today’s SWAGGER, you trade a beautiful destiny, then you are in for it. Oh! That may have sounded harsh but it is the truth! Some ladies live like KINGs when every guy approaches them saying to themselves ‘Yea! I am beautiful’. Unfortunately she goes for the one with SWAGGER forgetting tomorrow the
SWAGGERlicious guy who has no plans may STAGGER. A few judicious ones don’t, thank God for them!

Will Smith said ‘Never plan a future with anyone who has no future plans for themselves’.

Quite pathetic these days, a number of ladies plan with the wrong man and‎​ after a while when the swags she’s blindly ran after fades away, she starts to look for ‘Mr Right’ at age 30. For my female readers, I am not implying that the guy who has swags now doesn’t have a bright future. Fortunately a few do. My point is just to sound a note of caution. Be careful in your judgements and dealings! Never always assume that all men have bad motives for approaching, if you keep going about with this mentality, you may lose 2 ‘Mr Right’ out of every 10 that approaches you. You may need to stop being suspicious of every man who comes your way, if, in the past, you had a terrible experience.

Okay, I should say enough about our ladies at this point, and turn to the gentleman who may be reading this piece, “Chivalry
aint dead”. If you have to be chivalrous please do it with a sincere heart.

In a discussion with a friend, He said, ‘The fact that you have known her for 5 months and‎ you have been nice with endless calls and ‎​uncountable “bbm pings” and all that aren’t enough reason for her to say “YES”?’ A million guys have done the same thing so that they could get her laid. Ask yourself what makes you different from those other guys devising the same magic wands to win her back on their beds?

Finally i will like to mention here as i once tweeted “Your very essence defines the word ‘SWAGGER’. You may live like a king today,but what about tomorrow? Today will never be Tomorrow. Please, think about this!

(All characters, names and events in this story are fictional and a creation of the writer’s imagination. Any resemblance to any real persons or occurrences is simply a coincidence).

Lekan Daniels

Lekan Omodunbi Daniels is an ardent inspirational writer who is passionate about influencing positive change through his writing. You can follow him on twitter @ldee05

Posted April 22, 2012 by Lekan Daniels in My thoughts

11 responses to “Today’s SWAGGER can be Tomorrow’s STAGGER!!!

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  1. Another well thought words of wisdow. Keep it up.

  2. Interesting piece…. well written. But i ll never date a smoker!!! if ‘Mr Right’ is a smoker he need 2 quit.


  3. I must say that this message is highly needed,and is timely, why? because a lot of ladies today, run after container insteady of content and it has landed them in SWAGGalious problems……….
    Indeed L.D is a man of deep thought and insight, like a Role model once said ” you do not follow a man because of what he drives, rather follow a man because of what drives him”……
    Tara Durotoye, married Fela Durotoye when he had nothing……….It is never about the 24hours now, its about wat lies ahead…..
    My friend Lekan Daniels is a great man and I celebrate you………..

  4. Nice write-up Lekan. Thumbs up for U.

  5. Here is a great piece. Lekan shared the kind of wisdom so rare in this generation.

  6. Awwww,such an Awesome article…

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