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I Need You   Leave a comment

I need you in my times of strength and‎​ in my weakness

I need you when you hurt as much as when i hurt.

There is no longer the choice as to what we will share.

We will either share all of life or be fractured persons.

We were not driven by instincts or emptiness;

We made a choice to love.

But i think something supernatural happens at the point of commitment

A husband comes into existence; a wife is born.

He is a whole man before and‎​ after, but at a point in time he becomes a man who is also a husband

That is — a man who needs a wife

She is a whole woman before and‎​ after.

But from now on she needs him

She is herself but now also part of a new entity.

Could it be He really does something special at ” i do”?

Your despair is mine even if you don’t tell me about it.

But when you do tell, the sharing is easier for me;

And‎​ you also can then share from my strength in that weakness

Lekan Omodunbi Daniels is a Customer Care Consultant and an aspiring Human Resources Professional

Posted March 22, 2012 by Lekan Daniels in Poems