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Is it incompatibility?   8 comments

When a partner acts or thinks differently from us, sometimes we begin to question compatibility. We think, “This person is not really like me, so, I’m not sure if he/she is right for me.”

Compatibility is certainly a necessary component to evaluate in relationships, but are differences always an issue of incompatibility?

Perhaps your mate is not incompatible with you, but is complementary to you. The right person for you will have things in common with you, but will also be different from you in some respects. In a complementary relationship, a couple’s differences are there for greater purpose. Your mate’s divine differences enhance who you are by bringing skills and perspectives to the relationship that would otherwise be lacking.

Your mate is your counterpart. You both bring mutually beneficial aspects to the relationship. Pause and think about how your mate complements you. How do they enhance you? What unique attributes do they add to your relationship? Once you identify how your mate helps to perfect your relationship, perhaps you can begin appreciating your differences rather than despising them?

Differences do not necessarily mean incompatibility.

Lekan Daniels is an ardent inspirational writer and Human Resources Specialist who works and lives in Lagos.

Posted April 16, 2012 by Lekan Daniels in My thoughts

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