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You might think that having easy access to contact women via e-mail, Facebook, online dating and phone texts would INCREASE a guy’s chances of success, right?
Not at all. Most guys unknowingly turn women off when they text them, just like they do when talking to a woman in person if they don’t do it correctly, so all that access to “chat to women online” amounts to the same old rejection, loneliness and confusion.

Good texts vs Bad texts

Instead of giving you a list of terrible texts, I’m going to explain where guys go wrong when texting and why it turns women off. Why? To create a list of bad texts for you would not be accurate because what may be a bad text from ONE GUY, will be a funny and exciting text from ANOTHER GUY. It’s just like how, in person, a joke from one guy doesn’t…

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Does God Really Hear My Prayers?   Leave a comment

Scripture: “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

God is Trustworthy

Does it sometimes feel like your prayers are not making it past the ceiling? How can we be sure God is listening? God answers prayer in many ways, and this series will discuss some of those ways.

God Might Say “Wait”

When we want something, we want it now! But God does not always work that way; in fact, He instructs His people, “Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for Him to act” (Psalm 37:7). We do not know what God is doing “behind the scenes,” but you can trust that He is working things out for His purpose and our good. Remember, “Blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord” (Psalm 40:4).

God Might Say “No”

In Matthew 19:26, Jesus says “With God all things are possible.” Even though God can do anything, it doesn’t mean he will. God has a special plan for each of us. What you ask of God may seem like a humble request that will honor him, but maybe it isn’t in His plan for your life. You might be a faithful follower of Christ and you’re praying for God to take away something that gives you pain and suffering. God knows if the trial you are going through will result in an amazing testimony. That testimony might cause many others to believe in Christ. Remember, God may have a purpose for your pain. God can see the bigger picture and, as a result, God may say no to your prayer.

Trust and Hope

God has promised His people that “He will neither fail you nor abandon you” (Deuteronomy 31:6). It might seem like He is ignoring you, that He does not hear your prayers, or that He does not care. But He will not ignore you, He can always hear you, and He loves you so much that He gave Himself through Jesus Christ. The Apostle Paul taught, “if we [hope for something], we must wait patiently and confidently” (Romans 8:25). While you wait for God to answer your prayer, you can ask Him for patience.

Why Should I Keep Praying?

So why should you keep praying for something you want? “Jesus told His disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up,” which you can read about in Luke 18. God might be using this time of waiting to build up your faith and hope in Him. When you are praying and waiting for God to act, remember that God can use whatever you are going through to “strengthen your confident hope of Salvation” (Romans 5:4).

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Don’t Turn That Woman Off with Your Terrible Texts!   3 comments


You might think that having easy access to contact women via e-mail, Facebook, online dating and phone texts would INCREASE a guy’s chances of success, right?
Not at all. Most guys unknowingly turn women off when they text them, just like they do when talking to a woman in person if they don’t do it correctly, so all that access to “chat to women online” amounts to the same old rejection, loneliness and confusion.

Good texts vs Bad texts

Instead of giving you a list of terrible texts, I’m going to explain where guys go wrong when texting and why it turns women off. Why? To create a list of bad texts for you would not be accurate because what may be a bad text from ONE GUY, will be a funny and exciting text from ANOTHER GUY. It’s just like how, in person, a joke from one guy doesn’t sound funny, but when another guy says it, people find it hilarious, charming, and cool and they crack up laughing. Understand?

So, any website that gives you a “Top 10 list” of “bad” texts is simply providing you with amateur advice that has not been properly thought through or researched. Don’t be fooled into thinking that being a cool, confident and charming guy is as simple as reading a “top 10” list. Being a cool guy starts from within and if your head is full of insecurities, fears, neediness and anxiety regarding women you will NOT come across as “cool” until you fix that.

With that said, you now can probably work out the answer as to why women will like a text from one guy but hate the exact same text from another. Right? If you don’t yet know the answer, read on and it will come to you.

Guys who are afraid to call women

When some guys get a woman’s phone number, they aim to keep their contact with her strictly “at hands length” by only texting rather than calling her and having a funny, interesting and enjoyable conversation before arranging a real date.

When a guy does this, a woman will begin to wonder why he keeps sending messages back and forth but doesn’t seem to want to meet with her in person. If she’s experienced enough with men or is a bit of a “natural” at understanding men, she’ll recognize that what he’s really showing her is his insecurity about having that face-to-face encounter. The realization about his lack of confidence will be a major turn-off for her and she’ll begin to wonder whether he’s just another wimpy guy who is afraid of women and rejection.

Eventually, the woman will stop replying and hope that the guy “gets the message,” so to speak. The guy can continue using every bit of technological communication at his disposal to try to regain her attention, but it will be pointless in most cases. He’s already shown her that he’s too scared and immature to have a real relationship and no matter what he does to try to regain her attention, his opportunity with her is likely lost forever. Today’s modern woman is looking for a confident, personable man who wants to meet her, engage her in a lively, interesting and fun conversation…and probably do more with her. *coughs* She’s not looking for yet another “keyboard buddy” or a guy who is so afraid of women that he hides behind text messages and smiley face emoticons!

Turn off texts

It’s one thing for a guy to text a woman he’s dating if he needs to make a last-minute change of plans, is running late for a date or for some other minor matter, but if a man is texting to set up a date with a woman rather than using his phone to call her, many women will be turned off. Sure, some girls like it because they are too shy to talk as well, however, most women, especially beautiful women, get annoyed by guys who try to organize everything via text.

When texting becomes a man’s primary form of communication with a woman, it can make her think that she’s apparently not important enough for him to call her or she may realize that he’s simply too nervous to call her to have a brief conversation with her to set up a date. What most guys don’t understand is that texts don’t create the same interpersonal appeal a woman craves that only can be accomplished by hearing a man’s voice on the phone or in person. They don’t know that listening to a special man’s voice is just another thing that gets a woman excited and turns her on. I remember realizing this after several women commented how sexy my voice sounded when I called them. However, I’ve never heard a woman say, “Your text writing style is so sexy!”

Childish writing style
It’s okay to use SOME slang and abbreviations when writing text messages. However, these days, a lot of guys have been sucked into the girly, childish style of writing texts. It doesn’t matter if the guy is intelligent, successful or cool, he can just as easily be a victim of this immature writing style which started when pre-teen and early teen girls began writing text messages years ago.

This is where I will make an exception and give you a “list” of bad texts. Any text in this writing style is lame. Why? It’s boyish, immature and it is a trend that was started by little GIRLS! If you want to copy little girls, go ahead and text women like this:

“I m late c u in 20.”

“What r u doin? Idk wat 2 do”

“c u l8r”

GM assumed to be Good morning

“Nyt”assumed to be night

Presumably, you wouldn’t send a text like that to a client or boss, would you? When texting your boss or an important client, you’d want to show your maturity. When texting a woman, do you want to show her your immaturity or maturity? If you do send little girl texts, a woman will either think you lack intelligence and/or an education or you like behaving like a boy instead of a man and will likely become needy, clingy and feminine if she has a relationship with you. Personally, I’ve only ever sent that style of text as a JOKE to some guy friends because they know how lame it is and are aware that it was a trend started by LITTLE GIRLS who were trying to be “cool.”

So, if girls are writing texts to you in that way – what should you do instead? Write properly! Even if a girl/woman writes to you in that girly style of text, write back like a mature, masculine guy. For example:

Girl: “hey…wat u doin? i wana c u…do u lyke me 2?”
Man: “Yeah, you’re alright. I’ll let you see me soon.”

Don’t write:

Girl: “hey…wat u doin? i wana c u…do u lyke me 2?”
Man (boy?): “i lyke u 2. im doin nothin…i wana cu 2”

The second example looks like TWO GIRLS texting each other. If you write like a girl and act like a girl, how do you expect her to be attracted to your manliness Or, if you like behaving like a little boy, enjoy the continued rejection by women you like and if you happen to get into a relationship, look forward to her losing interest after the first date. Then, expect her to say, “I need some space. I think we should take some time apart.” Women and girls want guys who behave like MEN, not like little girly boys who want to be cute and sweet like a little girl.

Constant contact
Some desperate guys will go so far as to stay in CONSTANT contact with a woman by sending her an endless number of texts. Guys like this want to keep themselves on the woman’s mind, but they end up annoying her like a pest. He’ll text “cute” funny messages, tell her how much he misses her, send her love poems, love messages and so forth. He’ll think he’s being romantic and is doing the right thing. However, if SHE hasn’t started this type of communication to show her feelings for him first, she won’t be charmed by his texts. Instead she’ll take this type of constant contact as a sign of how desperate he is. She’ll also likely think that he must not have enough going on in his life that he has all this free time to constantly text her. That mindset is all she’ll need to realize that he isn’t the type of guy she wants in her life. All women dream of being with a man who is charismatic, strong, confident and sexually appealing. They don’t sit around dreaming about desperate, wimpy guys who don’t have anything else to do but text her all night.

Why doesn’t she answer me?
Often, the same guys who send women text after text will expect her to reply to the messages immediately. If she doesn’t answer or respond in some way within minutes (much less hours or days), he goes into panic mode and starts wondering what might be wrong. He thinks, “Oh, no! She doesn’t like me anymore! Maybe she likes someone else!” After that, he’ll increase the frequency of his texts to make sure he is constantly on her radar. He may even feel compelled to send a desperate message like, “Hey, I sent you a message yesterday. Why haven’t you replied?” not realizing that some people have a life and don’t have time to be messing around with text messages every day.

Guys like this will spend most of their time worrying why the woman isn’t responding, not realizing that women hate guys who worry like that. He might even send a text asking if he has done something to upset her or if she is seeing someone else. If she doesn’t reply and he keeps trying to reach out to her, the woman’s attraction for him will diminish with each new text until she does send one final text saying, “Stop sending me messages!”

Some guys reading along now will be thinking, “So, what should I do instead?” and if you’re one of those guys, you obviously don’t know that women WANT you to make THEM chase YOU. If you want easy and consistent success with women, you need to make women feel SO MUCH attraction and interest in you that THEY pursue YOU. If you try to pursue women, especially beautiful women, they will almost always play hard to get. If you become desperate in response to the woman playing hard to get, she will almost always reject you.

Tacky sext messages
Some men who are too scared to take their relationship with a woman to a sexual level in person, will often take their texting to the next level by sexting photos of their “physical attributes.”

These misguided guys think that naked pictures of themselves will turn a woman on, not realizing that it is MEN who watch porn and get turned on by images of naked women. When a woman masturbates, she doesn’t go to a porn site to watch videos; she closes her eyes and IMAGINES a confident man (or men) doing things to her or she remembers a prior sexual experience that she really enjoyed. Sending a naked picture to a woman is like her sending you a text saying, “I have a nice personality. Don’t worry about my looks. My personality is what you want.” That’s not what you want to hear to get turned on. You want to see her beautiful face, body, breasts, butt and everything else.

Women are attracted to a man’s confidence. If you think sending a picture of your wiener or a tacky photo of you in the bathroom mirror with your top off will be a substitute for you being a confident, charming and interesting guy, then THINK AGAIN. Sure, very young women like sending “sexts” back and forth, but the guys who send them and actually get laid are the guys who are confident in REAL LIFE. The wimpy guys, who are not confident but have “six pack abs” or bulging biceps, do NOT get laid by sending sexts. Unless the guy is confident in real life, most women will be turned off by a photo or video sext and wonder why the man doesn’t have enough confidence to show her his “stuff” up close and personal. However, she won’t tell him that because girls generally don’t tell guys where they are going wrong; they just reject them.

Additionally, if a woman hasn’t seen a man’s wiener in real life, she does NOT want photos of it to show up on her phone or computer. It’s just not what turns a woman on. Women want a self-assured guy who is going to make them feel all sorts of amazing emotions because of his confidence. Photos of his six-pack abs, chest muscles or wiener are NOT going to do that. If you’re not confident, you have to change that. Learn and become a confident guy or suffer the consequences.

When you should call instead of text
These days, a lot of modern men are so used to hiding behind e-mails, Facebook messages and SMS that the thought of calling up a woman makes their palms sweat or their heart beat really fast.

However, as you may have experienced if you’ve been too afraid to call a woman to set up a date and instead tried to organize everything via text, it usually fizzles out!

Alright I wish you success in 2013 and hope you also have more success with your one true love.

Happy New Year in advance and Happy Holidays!!!

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Get Reappointed | Get Started.   Leave a comment

Good morning Dear Friend,

Hope you had a great night rest, trust you slept good and ready to break records today *big grin*

The day has just began but sometimes we become disappointed when we have a plan that fails, a hope that does not materialize, a goal that is unreached. You shall not be disappointed today, Amen.

When things like that happen, for a certain period of time we experience a letdown, one that can lead to depression if it is not handled properly.

That’s when we have to make the decision to adapt and adjust, to take a new approach, to just keep going despite our feelings. That’s when we must remember that we have the Greater One residing within us, so that no matter what may happen to frustrate us, or how long it may take for our dreams and goals to become reality, we are not going to give up and quit just because of our emotions. That is when we must remember what God once told me in just such a moment:

“When you get disappointed, you can always make the decision to get reappointed!”

Disappointment often leads to discouragement, which is even more of a “downer.” How disappointing and discouraging it is to see the things we love senselessly destroyed by others or, even worse, by our own neglect or failure.

Regardless of how it may happen or who may be responsible, it is hard to go on when everything we have counted on falls down around us. That’s when those of us who have the creative power of the Holy Spirit on the inside can get a new vision, a new direction, and a new goal to help us overcome the downward pull of disappointment, discouragement, and destruction.

I pray for you today that you shall not be disappointed.

Have a great day!


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H a p p y & R e n e w e d   Leave a comment

H a p p y & R e n e w e d

Good Morning Sir/Ma,

And‎​ be Renewed in the spirit of your mind~The Bible

When your mind is renewed, you can bring forth love,peace,forgiveness,patience and‎​ all of the other positive things of life but when it is negative, you bring forth strife, bitterness, anger, depression etc

These “negative things” aren’t just little clouds that float around you and‎​ every once in a while sprinkle their rain on you.. Oh No!!, they are simply a product of your thoughts

My heart literally breaks when i hear people say, “Oh! i got up on the wrong side of the bed” and‎​ am like Really!!! Others will say, Well, i am just in a bad mood.

Listen! The side of your bed has nothing to do with the fruit in your life. It is only the thoughts you get up with that produce the negative results. Likewise it isn’t a “mood” it is your way of thinking.

**The way you live will only change when your way of thinking changes**.

Life is a choice! I learnt that from Deut 30:19. I caught the rhema the first day i read that portion of the Word. Why don’t u read that that verse now. In 1min u are done.

Our mind must be renewed to use the powers of the endless life!!!

Don’t forget Happy is the man whom God corrects so stay H A P P Y and‎​ be constantly R E N E W E D.

Have a beautiful day!

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Lekan Omodunbi Daniels is an ardent inspirational writer who is passionate about influencing positive change through his writing. You can follow him on twitter @Ldee_

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Cast your worries on Him!   Leave a comment

Hello Good Evening Hope you had a wonderful service and‎​ beautiful weekend?

Trust you did! *big smile* The past week for me was a fulfilling one but at some point i was really starved, you asked me “starved of what”? CARE Yes! I felt i wasn’t having enough of it. Tapping my fingers and‎​ right away i realized i had more than enough reading through the word

The word says “Humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor.  Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.”

When you have the choice between using your energy to be joyful or using your energy to be joyful or using your energy to fret, which do you choose? In your work, are you able to focus on the task at hand, or do concerns pull your attention away? At home,can you delight in sharing your love with your family and friends, or do you snap and yell at them in your anxiety?

Go for God’s Gold

What in the world can there be that is better for us, than what God wants for us? His will in our lives is perfect, and that’s what we want to strive for. God’s love is better than riches, better than entertainment, better than luxurious surroundings or succulent food.  When we seek God’s will for our lives, it pleases Him, and we can rejoice!

Jesus told His followers “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and he will give you everything you need.”  (Luke 12:31) In other words, live for God, and He will provide what you need.  We can trust Him in that and have peace.

We Live for God, Our Lives Show It

When is it easiest to choose to use your energy to be joyful, rather than to fret? When are you most at peace?  When is your life delightful?  What makes you feel like you’ve accomplished the most?

For Christians, we are gladdened when our lives show that we are living for God: we follow His will, sharing His love through the Gospel with many people.

Many Christians feel triumphant peace in the Lord when our lives produce fruit for His glory.  We seek His Kingdom first and trust Him for all else. It’s like relaxing in the arms of a loving parent after a job well done.

We can trust God and lean upon Him. We don’t need to depend on ourselves, letting our own worries get the best of us. When we trust God, we give over our cares to Him and can produce the fruit of good soil.

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, all whose thoughts are fixed on You!” the Prophet Isaiah wrote to God.  He advised His people
“Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock.” (Isaiah 26:3-4) Let us fix our thoughts upon the Lord, for He is our eternal Rock“!

Because We Are Free

Living for God, with our thoughts fixed upon Him, will lead to our caring more deeply about our fellow people. We yearn to share the freedom from sin God gives us with others; because we are free from the burden, we want them to be, too.  We have given our cares to God, and want others to experience that freedom from worry, as well.

“You were cleansed from your sins when you obeyed the Truth, so now you must show sincere love to each other as brothers and sisters.  Love each other deeply with all your heart.  For you have been born again, but not to a life that will quickly end. Your new life will last forever because it comes from the eternal, living Word of God.”

Our God will let us know when we have lived according to His will; one day, we hope to hear Him tell us face-to-face. For now, we are His and each others’ servants. We give over any worry we might have to the Master, trusting in Him, and He will allow our lives to be peaceful, fruitful, and joyful.

Don’t you think you need to encourage someone this evening then DON’T forget to share this piece with your friends and‎​ loved ones. Have a great week.

Lekan Omodunbi Daniels is an ardent inspirational writer who is passionate about influencing positive change through his writing. You can follow him on twitter @Ldee_

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Do not Worry!!!   1 comment

My weekend turned out the best i have had in 2months but just at the verge of its end, i witnessed a drama that got my pen to writing this and‎​ then this powerful verse in the Word dropped on my inside “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done.  Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand.”

Philippians 4:6-7a We start worrying when we are first born on earth. 

Hardly a minute goes by in which we aren’t concerning ourselves about something.  When does it end?  How can we experience peace?

What do we gain with worry?

Some of us worry about what we will wear, or what we will eat, or if we are being entertained, or if our houses are good enough, or if we are at the best school or at work, or if we are well-liked enough…

Those stresses and anxieties can get us down so quickly!  They distract us from our focus on the Lord and on godly things.  When you are mired in the bog of worry, it seems there is no path to peace.

But what good does all the energy we spend on our anxiousness do us?  Jesus asked his disciples

“Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?” 

(Matthew 6:27)Jesus could have had more to be concerned with than any other person on earth.  He had the same needs as any other human.  However, since He was born as the Son of God, He had an awareness we can’t even imagine.  In His love, he could see the sin separating people from God.  How it must have pained Him to know that He had to suffer for those sins!  Yet He desired peace and healing for us, the sinners. 

Born to worry, reborn to peace
Once we are reborn into the Christian life, we can learn from Jesus’s teaching: 

“…I tell you not to worry about everyday life — whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear, or your partner decided to break up with you. Isn’t life more than food, and your body more than clothing?” 

(Matthew 6:25)Once we place our trust in Him, we can concern ourselves with the love of God and love of others.  We can praise Him for His tremendous blessings, and try to share His love with others!  We can take anything before God – He is always listening.  We can experience a peace unlike any we have ever experienced during our time on earth.

The light of Jesus’s love can take us from the bog of sin and worry and lead us on His path of peace. Keep your eyes on Jesus

How can we keep from worrying?

Once again, we can look for an answer in the word.  On a dark, stormy night, the Disciples were in a boat on a lake.  They saw Jesus coming toward them, walking on the water!  One follower, Peter, wanted to be like Jesus so much that he jumped from the boat and began walking on the water, too!

However, when he noticed the strong wind and deep waves, he took his eyes from Jesus and began to sink.  Peter called to Jesus to save him!  Jesus grabbed him, they climbed into the boat, and the storm stopped immediately.

Do you see? 

When Peter kept his eyes – or his focus – on Jesus, not even a stormy sea could topple him!  But when he became distracted, he got caught up in the troubled waters.  He did remember to call upon Jesus, and Jesus led him to the peace and safety of their boat.

Similarly, we must keep our focus on the Lord – despite the distraction of earthly worries.  If they close in upon us, we must look back to God, and He will lead us to peace and safety.

Out of this world peace
What are you concerned with?

Is it the basics of live – food, clothing, shelter?

Or are you concerned with other things – your school or work, your peers’ opinions, your boredom level, your relationship?

No one is saying that those things aren’t important or that we don’t have to deal with them – they are part of the earthly life God has given us!  But we must keep our focus on God, rather than earthly things, which can so quickly bog us in worry.

When we become followers of Jesus, we can accept the gifts He has given us, including His path to peace. 

“I am leaving you with a gift — peace of mind and heart.  And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” (John 14:27) So remember:  don’t worry; pray instead!  Bring your troubles and requests before our Lord, thanking Him for all the good things He has provided for us.  In troubled times, keeping our focus on God will help us experience a peace beyond any earthly understanding.

I do hope you find this worth sharing with your friends. See you again some time soon right here.

Have an fruitful week. Shalom!

Lekan Omodunbi Daniels is an ardent inspirational writer who is passionate about influencing positive change through his writing. You can follow him on twitter @Ldee_

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